Storing Outgrown Baby Jewellery Family Keepsakes

I am often asked about the best way to store outgrown baby jewellery for the next generation.  I have done some research on this and found that it's really quite simple.

While lots of people think wrapping that precious baby bangle or baby bracelet in tissue and putting it in the back of a cupboard, is the way to go and others place the item into their own jewellery box (but this cuts down on space for your own jewellery,) in fact all you need is one  zip lock plastic bag in very small size.  Place the baby jewellery item in the small plastic bag, push most of the air out and zip the top, then put it somewhere that you won't forget about it. This prevents the bangle or bracelet, baby necklace or charm, from tarnishing, though this can still occur over many years. 

Don't pop it into the pocket of an item of clothing because one day you might put that clothing item into a charity bag and forget the family keepsake is in there!  (I've heard that one a couple of times.)

If tarnishing does occur, purchase a very inexpensive jewellery cloth and give it a good, firm rub.  It will come up like new.  

The great thing about baby and children's jewellery, if made of sterling silver or gold, is that it will never deteriorate other than a bit of tarnishing.  The plastic bag will keep that to a minimum.  I did ask a jeweller once about storing jewellery and he said the best place to store a bangle or bracelet is to wear it! 

Also, baby jewellery will never date.  Even styles from generations ago are still very popular.  So, when that little baby ID bracelet, or baby charm bracelet has been outgrown, pop it into a plastic zip lock bag and put it somewhere  you won't forget it.

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