The Children's Necklace Length Conundrum



Children's sterling silver pink heart necklace14k gold heart children's necklaceChildren's sterling silver/cz initial necklace

At Baby Jewels, we always offer suggestions about chain length for children. This is because it's important that the length of her necklace is just right. This advice doesn't include the new and very popular sweather necklaces which are a longer length, worn over the outside of the clothing.  We recommend between 17-18" for children, depending on size and age, for sweater necklaces.

For babies, the length is critical for safety and we always recommend babies only wear necklaces when supervised. We recommend necklaces are removed when baby is put down to sleep. But a little sparkling silver or gold necklace looks beautiful on a baby, so when supervised, and for her baby photos/portraits, necklaces look wonderful and they are a great children's keepsake gift. But a baby necklace must not be long enough that when she leans forward, or crawls, the necklace gapes. This is so that it won't catch on anything. Most precious metals like sterling silver and gold will break before it will harm a child, but we take no chances with our babies!

Children's necklaces look right when the pendant sits at just the right spot on her upper chest. Too high and it looks wrong. Too long and it will be a nuisance to her, distract her, as it will catch on things and also catch her eye all the time, which might cause her to fiddle or pull on it.

Our recommendations for baby and children's necklace lengths, by age are as follows:

12" baby
13" toddler
14" to age 5 or 6
15" to age 10
15" to teens

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