The Most Popular Baby Gift?

Recently on Facebook a small children's apparel business ran a poll. It was posted on various mothers' interests pages and respondents were asked: a) What was the gift your baby received at birth, that you most liked? and b) what type of gift do you most like to give a newborn? The results are in and the most popular newborn baby gift receved was a baby bracelet or bangle. The most preferred gift to a newborn baby was baby jewellery, in particular a baby bracelet or bangle. Naturally we were happy to read this, but it simply confirmed our feelings about the growing popularity of baby jewellery, particularly in gold or sterling silver. We live in a throw away society and we get the feeling that we are all feeling a little detached from our "things." The idea of keepsake gifts is becoming a trend. We notice a definite trend towards classic or traditional styles and possibly this is due to the feeling that we want our gift to be kept always, and that it will be just as much loved in 20 or 30 years time, as it is now. Of course, baby bracelets are easy to keep and they are a beautiful momento of baby's first year, one that she will love to have when she's a Mum herself.
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