Time to Swap Over her Starter Earrings for her First Pair of Special Earrings?

Time to start thinking about swapping those starter earrings over for her first special earrings? What do you need to know?

a) First, and most importantly, check that the piercing has actually healed, so you don't change earrings too early.

b) When should I change my child's earrings? As a general rule, you should wait at least 6 weeks before considering removing her starter earrings.

c) How to tell if your child's piercing has properly healed? Fully healed piercings will have no sign of redness or swelling. There should be no discharge and no discomfort. Cleaning them regularly with water and a mild, fragrance-free soap during the healing process will give it the best chance of healing without complications.

d) What happens if you take the starter earrings out too early? Usually, nothing severe, but you do want to avoid infection or temporary swelling and in some cases, the body rejecting the new piece of jewellery you put in.

e) Some children find the removal of her starter earrings and the insertion of new earrings, a little traumatic. Try lying her on her side on her bed. This way, if you drop the earring or an earring back, it won't roll away, it will simply drop to the pillow or bed. Lying on her side, will promote relaxation and reduce head wriggle and make the job easier, all round.

f) It's a good idea to explain the process before starting. Wash your hands and dry them before starting.

g) If the starter earring appears stuck, this doesn't automatically mean there is an infection. Sometimes skin cells, wax or other debris has blocked the hole, so if it doesn't appear clear, wash the piercing with a damp cloth.

h) If your little girl has helped choose her own earrings, this might also make the process easier, because she will be excited to be wearing her new earrings.

i) Always avoid "fashion" earrings for children. These can be made of brass or alloys of unknown metals which can cause irritation. Gold, silver, stainless or surgical steel, titanium or ceramic are your best bets as these are all hypoallergenic.

j) Ensure the backs, whichever type, are properly in place, and you're done! Her first earrings are one of the joys of life for most children!  Enjoy her enjoyment!

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