Traditional styles of baby jewellery

Modern designs for baby jewellery abound on the net, in jewellery shops and at Baby Jewels, but there remains a great love of traditional styled jewellery, most especially for newborns, for Christening gifts and for baby's first birthday gifts

After a 2 month long search of the world wide web and having ordered from a raft of new suppliers, I came across a real gem:  a family business in England, who began as silversmiths and goldsmiths back in 1825.  The business has been passed down through the generations and is in the current good hands of the great, great, great (etc.) grandchildren of the family who started it.  Traditional methods of making baby jewellery by hand are still carried out by this firm.  Their catalogue is exquisite.  

I couldn't help but buy some baby bracelets and baby bangles, for those who value traditional styling.  Expanding bangles with embossed designs, and a children's ID bracelet. 

At this stage, I have only acquired silver jewellery but now that I know the real thing lives up to the photos and description, I am going to buy some gold baby and children's jewellery.  Watch this space!

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