Treasure Boxes for Children

I was recently on Facebook and read about a little business who're making treasure boxes for children. They are customised with their name and their favourite animals etc. It seems they are given to a new Mum when baby is born and from that day, all her baby's little treasures are stored inside So, what gets stored in a Little Treasure Box? Suggestions were: Her ultrasound photos. Her hospital bracelet, her first outgrown baby bracelet or baby bangle. Her Christening photos and papers. Her "first Christmas" photos and her first birthday photos. All her subsequently received gifts of baby and children's jewellery could also be kept, perhaps in a separate bag or box of their own, inside the Treasure box? I thought it was an excellent idea and perhaps something a loving Grandad could build for his grandchild. I also think it'd be a nice gift for a little boy.
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