Types of Baby Bracelets Available

The most popular type of baby bracelets are Belcher or Rolo chain bracelets, often with a charm built into the chain and have an extension for growth. These bracelets in sterling silver are especially popular. Baby ID bracelets run a close second, especially if you are hoping to personalise it with the inscription of her name or date of birth. Both gold and silver are popular. Hot on the heels of ID bracelets are the new but popular sterling silver ball bracelets, which usually have a charm. Baby Charm bracelets are also popular but it is important to note that charms in soft, precious metals (sterling silver and gold) can be tugged off, by a surprisingly strong baby or toddler. So supervision is always important, particularly with charm bracelets. Leather baby bracelets, particularly in woven leather, are becoming more popular, and many are bought for boys, particularly those in more boyish colours such as khaki, brown and black. There are a number of other styles but these are the most popular baby gifts at Baby Jewels.
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