What are the best earrings for babies and toddlers?

There are a few things to take into account when buying earrings for your newborn or earrings for toddlers such as safety and comfort, not just cute design, that one usually thinks about when they purchase her first earrings. There are many different styles of earrings as you may already know and own yourself, but which ones are the best earrings for toddlers and babies? 

Push backs have long been the answer to this but, to prevent the backs being pulled off when pulling clothing off over her head, we would recommend screw backs for those first, and early pairs of earrings.  Screw them down squarely, so they don't cross thread, and tighten them.  Every couple of weeks, check that they haven't become loosened by clothing, hair brushes or fiddly fingers and keep them tight at all times.  

Size is important.  This aspect is, of course, a matter of personal taste but smaller earrings that won't overwhelm a tiny ear are the most popular.  Rod size is actually even more important.  A too long rod (those described as "children's" earrings as opposed to "baby" earrings or "baby and children's" earrings, will be shorter) will cause the earring to fall forward at the front.  You need a neat fit so the earring sits perfectly flat on her ear.

Smaller earrings are also lighter.  The lighter they are, the more comfortable they are and the aim with babies and toddlers is for her to forget she's even wearing them, so that she doesn't fiddle with them which may result in a lost earring or an infection in her piercing.

Which metal?  Most children do not have metal intolerances but some most definitely do.  For most, 14k or 9k gold or sterling silver are fine, but surgical steel has been determined to be more hypoallergenic and titanium even more so.  Please note, titanium earrings do not, as yet, come in screw backs for babies.

Fortunately there are now some absolutely beautiful surgical steel earrings available, with or without screw backs, and they are extremely popular both for first-time earrings and for older children - and adults!

For some who get repeated skin problems around their piercing, it may an infection, rather than a metal intolerance.  This must be cleared up completely or problems will continue.  To do this, a pair of titanium earrings might be best, to ensure the piercing doesn't close.  Continue treatment until there is no further redness or swelling.  


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