What do kids like in Kids' Jewellery?

Most of us adults know what we like and are free to choose exactly what we want. But when it comes to buying for our kids, what should we look for? We want them to love what we choose for them, right? With three littlies in our family, who frequently look through our latest stock arrivals, I'm left with no illusions - they are quite clear about what they like! They LOVE children's earrings. They are not fussy about whether it's gold or sterling silver. It's what the earring features that attracts their eye. Little cat earrings, (because they have a cat,) green turtle earrings (Chloe has just been learning about the precarious state of these particular marine animals.) Sparkly crystal or cz earrings. Anything with enameling - they like colour. They were all oohing and aahing over the little spotty blue and pink butterfly earrings when they arrived. They have already placed their orders for this year's birthday gifts! They love children's bracelets. They love the bracelets which feature enameled animals such as our pink and white children's rabbit bracelet. They love the shiny silver ball bracelets, the children's bangles with dark pink enameled butterfly charm, the kids' ID bracelets with a red enameled butterfly on the ID plate. What does this tell me? That younger children at least, love colour and sparkle. And children's necklaces! They particularly like the butterfly necklaces, the angel wing necklaces, the butterfly wing necklaces and of course, their own particular initial necklaces. The middle girl likes her necklaces to reach the middle of her chest, but it's unwise for kids to have necklaces longer than the top of their chests because they can catch on things and break, far too easily, every time they bend forward. And kids bend forward a LOT! I hope this gives some ideas to think about when you next purchase an item for a little girl. Big girls may be a different kettle of fish. I'll have to put in some research before reporting on them.
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