What do you look for in children's Earrings?

What do you look for in children's earrings? When we look for earrings for ourselves, we want comfort, safety and of course, to look good. And we want to really LOVE the earrings! Well, purchasing earrings for kids is much the same! We've put together 6 points to guide you. 1. The earrings must first of all be made of a non toxic metal. We mainly use sterling silver or gold. 2. They must be petite so as not to overwhelm a tiny earlobe. Large earrings on little lobes, is not a good look! 3. They must be lightweight and comfortable. Especially for first time earring wearers, who might fiddle if they can feel them. 4. They must have a short rod, therefore made for children, not adults. However, adults can usually wear children's earrings! 5. They must have firmly fitting backs or safety screw backs. Our earrings are too good to lose! 6. And they must have an element that's attractive to kids! Now this might be colour, as in colourful stones or enameling, or it might be features like hearts, ladybugs, butterflies etc. We currently have 145 pairs that fit the bill, so plenty to choose from when the time comes to choose a pair of kids' earrings for the girl in your life!
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