What is a Sisters Special?

We introduced the Sisters Special at our last site upgrade. This is for customers who have two little girls, two babies or are looking for a mother/baby or mother/daughter gift. Since this time we've had many customers take advantage of the Sisters Special and have purchased two baby bracelets, or two children's bracelets, or an item for teens and another one the same, for her mother, and enjoyed 10% off both items. This special is available in all categories across the site. It's also a great idea for those who buy for lots of little girls, for their daughters' many birthday party invitations throughout the year. For example, recently one Mum purchased two pairs of butterfly earrings, two pairs of dragonfly earrings and two pairs of ladybug earrings and got 10% off them all, which amounted to the equivalent of her getting a pair of kids' earrings free of charge. She mentioned at the time, she'd taken care of at least 6 months worth of birthday party invitation gifts! So if you have two friends expecting babies, two sisters or a Mum and daughter that you'd like to buy for, consider taking advantage of the Sisters Special!
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