What's your children's jewelry style?

Visit any jewelry shop or online jeweller and you will find a wide range of styles in baby and children’s jewelry.  Just as an example, recently I spent time in one of our local jewelry shops which has a good range of baby and children’s jewellery including a variety of tiny stud earrings for babies, including butterflies and ladybugs, some with baby necklaces to match.  I also saw children’s drop earrings, again featuring butterflies, dragonflies and ladybugs, all extremely cute.  Next to these were the colourful enamelled sterling silver baby bracelets, with ABC blocks, and again, the popular butterflies and other insects.  There were colourful children’s bracelets, with brightly coloured charms, and children’s Pandora style bracelets, complete with a range of colourful, sparkly children’s Pandora style beads.  These were from a range exclusive to the store.  Next to the children’s Pandora bracelets were the children’s charms.  There were about 40 different children’s charms, from crystal studded hearts, to angels, to fairies, as well as the favourite insects and animal charms. 


Next to the charms were a range of children’s pendants, gold and silver.  Mostly hearts and butterflies, which seem to be the most popular everywhere I look and from my experience with Baby Jewels.


In the baby section, I saw some stunning classic baby bangles, some in solid sterling silver, some in 9ct gold.  Some were hollow, to keep them lightweight for babies and to keep the price down.  There were engraved baby bangles, expandable baby bangles and even baby bangles with a single charm – beautiful. 


The baby bangles were mostly traditional styles, especially the expandable ones and the beautifully engraved baby bangles. 


Baby Jewels has a large variety, hopefully something to suit everyone.  We have all and more of the baby bracelets, children’s bracelets, baby earrings, children’s earrings, children’s pendants and baby and children’s charms that a jewelry store might stock.  But we also carry a wide range of baby anklets and children’s anklets.  I have yet to see anklets in jewelry shops in my area.


Surprisingly, I didn’t see any baby brooches.  When I first started searching for baby jewelry, I thought baby brooches may no longer be fashionable, yet I get a huge number of hits on “baby brooches and pins”.  I had a baby brooch especially made for Baby Jewels, and it is divine.


Like traditional jewelry stores, I have tried to find the best in traditional, modern, unique, cute and classic baby and children’s jewelry styles.  I personally love it all.  I can’t say which style is most popular, there seems to be a strong interest in all styles.


So, what’s your baby and children’s jewelry style?  Do you like pearls for babies?  Silver or gold perhaps?  Do you prefer traditional gemstone set baby bracelets, or prefer the latest leather cord children’s or teens’ bracelet or necklace with a single sterling silver charm attached?  Do you think children look best in colourful beads, brilliant enamelling, or the gleam of gold?  Do you prefer traditional baby bracelets and children’s bracelets or the more modern fashion of baby and children’s anklets?


At Baby Jewels, we recognise that people have strong opinions on baby and children’s jewelry styles and we’ve hopefully, got something to attract the most discerning mother’s or grandmother’s or aunty’s eye.

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