Why is Baby Jewellery Such a Great Gift Idea?

Why would you buy baby jewellery for a newborn?  There are lots of reasons why the present of a piece of baby jewellery is a great idea.  The main reason is because baby jewellery is flattering and looks divine on a little girl, whether she is newly born or celebrating her first birthday.

Another reason why it's a great idea to gift a piece of baby jewellery is that she will be photographed in her jewellery at all the special events her family attends, also for her Christening or Baptism, and of course, for her first birthday.  As she grows up, when she, or her family or friends, looks through her baby photos, she will see her tiny baby bracelet, or baby anklet which she was dressed in specially for her portraits and family photos.  Therefore, your gift will never be forgotten, nor who gave it to her at the time. Her photos and portraits will be family treasures for always, and be a permanent reminder of the baby jewellery she wore at the time.

Baby jewellery is such a cherished item, whether it is a baby bracelet, a baby bangle, a baby brooch, a baby anklet, a pair of baby earrings or even a baby necklace. This is because we all consdier that jewellery is special, is given for special reasons and makes the wearer feel special.  Her family will care for it and when outgrown, it can be stored easily, taking up very little space.

Baby jewellery never dates.  In fact, most older jewellery is seen as the most beautiful of all.  Unlike clothing gifts, or the gift of toys or baby equipment, which is quickly worn out, broken or superseded, baby jewellery stays in fashion, always.

Baby jewellery that is kept by the family, is thought of as a "family heirloom."  Family heirlooms will occasionally be brought out during her growing up years, to show off to her friends.  Her family will occasionally go through her jewellery, reminiscing about her as a baby. 

Most importantly, baby jewellery can be kept very easily for the next generation. Imagine the thrill when a new baby girl is born and the grandmother hands over the childhood baby jewellery, to be given to her own baby girl. This gives the baby jewellery great sentimental value.

So, if you're thinking about a gift for a new baby girl, consider these great reasons and make it an item of baby jewellery.  Baby jewellery is the greatest baby gift of all.

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