A Happy Ending

Last year, a customer in Canada purchased one of our sterling silver Angel baby bracelets. She emailed me and told me it was for her new granddaughter and how much her daughter loved the bracelet. This baby bracelet has an extension for growth and my customer fully expected her granddaughter to wear her new bracelet for at least a couple of years. Six months later, she emailed me back to say her daughter and family were holidaying in Hawaii and whilst staying in the hotel, she removed her baby's bracelet to put her down to sleep and somehow managed to leave the hotel and come home, without it. Contact with the hotel seemed to indicate the bracelet was gone forever. So, my customer ordered another one, exactly the same. Fortunately we still had them in stock, though stocks were low. Yesterday I received an email to tell me her daughter had received a small package in the mail - her original bracelet had been returned to her. No explanation. So granddaughter now had two Angel bracelets! The same day, the family had news of a new baby girl coming into the family. My customer's other daughter is expecting a baby girl early next year. So the second bracelet now has a new home.
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