A Momento of her First Christmas

The first year in a baby's life is the most remembered, most closely watched year in her whole life. More photos will be taken, more details recorded, more memories formed than any year in the future. It's also a year of momentos. And this is where baby jewellery is becoming increasingly popular. Baby Jewellery that won't date, that can perhaps be passed on to a younger sibling or perhaps her own child, in the future. Most popular item for newborns is a baby bracelet. Most popular items for her first Christmas is a baby bangle, one that expands to ensure plenty of wear over as long time as possible. Increasingly popular are tiny sterling silver baby necklaces and at Baby Jewels, these are available on chain lengths to suit growing babies and children: 12" for babies, 13" for toddlers, 14" up to age 5 or 6 and 15" ages 5 - 10. A huge range to choose from, they look beautiful in their newborn baby photos, first birthday photos and First Christmas photos! Some great ideas here for gifts that are easy to store once outgrown, and can be kept as a momento of that wonderful first year.
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