A New Warning - Cheap Children's Jewellery

Recently I have seen a lot of very pretty baby and children's jewellery advertised on Facebook which are not sterling silver or gold, but look gorgeous just the same.

A timely warning, dangerous goods

Whilst it's likely the sellers of these items are totally unaware of any danger, there is a very serious problem with some of these cheaper, alloy children's bracelets and earrings. They may contain lead, cadmium and other metals that can cause serious injury to babies and children.

Please, always check that the beautiful little gift you're buying for a precious child, will not cause injury, which can include brain damage. Some metals cause injury that can't be reversed. 

So, this is a serious subject. These items should not be allowed into Australia - they are banned in the US and some European countries. If you're temped by that pretty baby bracelet or little girls' earrings that seem so affordable, please keep in mind they could be dangerous.

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