"Alternative" baby and children's jewellery

You learn something every day.  There is a shop in our town which boasts "alternative" jewellery.  There's loads of sterling silver celtic and various ethnic styles of jewellery and they have a baby and children's jewellery section.

I didn't see much that I might describe as alternative, however they did have some interesting baby bracelets and baby necklaces made of amber and rose quartz.  Both stones are said to be beneficial against pain.  I spoke to the woman behind the counter who was only too happy to give me information about various gemstones.  

I knew there was a real surge in popularity of amber baby jewellery - it's advertised all over the www.  But I had never heard that other gemstones have "uses."  Rose quartz is the other main stone for babies and children.  Rose quartz also helps ease pain in the proximity of where the item is worn.  For example, a rose quartz or amber necklace is said to ease teething troubles. Amber or rose quartz baby earrings or children's earrings is said to ease ear-ache in babies and children.  

I remember when I was in hospital last year, I spoke to a nurse who wore an amber necklace and an amber bracelet and she told me she was looking for an amber anklet as well.  She suffers from Rhumatoid Arthritis and she swore the amber helped ease her joint pain.  Where she swung her arm, at the level of her wrist (hip height,) she'd lost all the pain in that area.  She was intending buying another amber bracelet for her other wrist, to ease the hip pain on the other side.

I had no doubt she believed in the effectiveness of amber.  

We don't have any amber baby or children's bracelets or necklaces at Baby Jewels, but we do have some rose quartz items, one a very special newborn baby bracelet in rose quartz.  We also have some rose quartz bracelets for children.  For mothers, we have some earrings in rose quartz. 

I'm going to do a search for amber items now, but apparently it has to be genuine Baltic amber.  First, I do need to do some more reading up on the subject.

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