Are all babies born with blue eyes?

I was looking at and admiring our beautiful lapis baby bracelet, one of my favourite pieces of baby jewellery, on the website.  The lapis is the deepest blue you ever saw - except for that deep well of blue you see in a newborn's eyes.  

Which got me thinking, about how many children are born with blue eyes - because blue coloured jewellery for newborns is very popular, I suppose, given that their eyes are so blue at that point, and the jewelry is purchased to bring out the blue of their eyes.  

I did a quick Google search (isn't Google wonderful?) and found who advised that yes, all humans are born with blue eyes, but not all stay blue, of course.

Blue eyes are caused by a recessive gene but almost all baby's eyes change colour over a period of time.  Some will change a lot, some will perhaps only change slightly.  But most will change.  

But while they are small, they will stare at you with those piercing blue eyes.  If they are also wearing that deep blue, their eye colour will seem all the more startling!

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