Baby and Children's Bracelets

It's getting hard to choose!  These days, there are so many styles of baby bracelets and bangles and children's bracelets.  A generation ago, the decision was between a gold ID baby bracelet or a slide on gold bangle which didn't expand with growth. These bangles had limited wear due to growth of baby.  Occasionally one would be found with a tiny gemstone set into it, which set it apart, and the gemstone was usually a ruby or garnet.

Today we have the following styles to choose from:

charm bracelets

ID bracelets

slide on bangles

hinged bangles with safety chain

expanding bangles

chain bracelets with extension

gemstone bracelets

crystal bracelets

pearl bracelets

pearl/gemstone/crystal bracelets

name bracelets

bracelets with enamelling

stretchy bracelets

In addition, we have

Modern styles

traditional styles

funky styles

and we have to choose between gold or sterling silver.

Children's jewellery designers appear to have outdone themselves in recent years with styles so delightful and charming, it's hard to choose just one.  I suspect this is part of the reason that little girls often have a growing collection of not just bracelets, but children's earrings, necklaces and anklets.  We can't stop at just one!

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