Baby and Children's Earrings Sizes

With over 160 pairs of sterling silver and gold baby and children's earrings from which to choose, on our website, the choice is almost too much! Our products are all measured and those measurements can be found in the content under the photo. The decision can be broken down, for example: 1. Gold, Sterling Silver or Pearl Earrings? 2. Traditional, classic styles, modern styles or just plain cute? 3. Push on backs or safety screw backs. 4. Size. We recommend very petite baby earrings because you will not want to overwhelm her little earlobes. Also, they need to be light and comfortable. It's best that a baby doesn't even feel her earrings, that way, she won't fiddle with them, possibly removing them and losing them. For babies, try to choose under 7mm. We currently have baby earrings from 3mm. For children, we stock earrings 10mm and under. Anything larger starts to look a little too big. Children's earrings have a shorter rod too, (although adults can wear most children's earrings because the thickness of the lobe doesn't vary a lot. Think about cap style backs too. We have some soft silicone cap style backs which we'll happily add to your order, free of charge, if requested. They grip the rod every bit as securely as the push on nuts.
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