Baby and Children's Jewellery Gifts

There are many reasons why baby and children’s jewellery remains a great gift idea.  First, the idea of something personal, as jewellery is, is always appreciated.  Carefully chosen jewellery, to suit the person and in the case of babies and children, in a style their mother would approve, is a memorable gift.  Jewellery is usually kept forever.  Even if, sometime down the track, it gets broken and is never fixed, the jewellery remains a keepsake in the child’s jewellery box, as a reminder of a special gift at a time in their early childhood.


Secondly, little girls love jewellery.  So do big girls.  The urge to adorn themselves from an early age became obvious to me as a young mother and now as a grandmother.  Children’s earrings are particularly treasured, with baby bracelets and anklets a close second. 


Treated with love, baby jewellery and children’s jewellery lasts.  Unlike the doll with the beautiful hair which became knotted, the painting set that ran out of paint, the bike that always had a flat tyre, jewellery is generally treated with care by children because of its precious and personal nature.  A little silver children’s bracelet, the baby earings, the teenager’s anklet, is generally still to be found in the jewellery box of a grown woman. 

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