Baby and Children's Jewellery Trends in 2012

I thought some of these trends might be interesting to the kids' jewellery fans out there!  I've been doing some reserach and reading surveys and have found some interesting results, some of which are showing evidence of, at Baby Jewels, some not.

Firstly it seems that even in challenging times, we all love to spoil our children.  

The difference is, we all now want value for money as a priority.  It seems few of us are willing to pay $300 for a gold baby bracelet and that sterling silver wins hands down in the popularity stakes at the present time.  With the price of sterling silver rising rapidly over the last couple of years, it will be interesting to see if the trend moves back to gold, in the long term.

Secondly, there is a trend towards children making their jewellery choices themselves, however it's been found that the item must also please Mum, or Grandmother, or it will not be bought.  

Children are getting more sophisticated and like to wear what Mum and older sister wear which we've seen in the popularity of designs that come in both mother and child sizes. It seems there is a trend to make children's necklaces in more sophisticated designs, with extensions in length, so that Mum can also wear them! 

Children a generation or two ago, might have been happy with a toy for their birthday, but today, they like clothing and jewellery.  A beautiful children's necklace, a grown up looking children's bracelet, or, more recently, and in Summertime, an anklet, is what gives them that thrill.  

The baby market remains the same:  Cute and modern, or classic and traditional, with baby jewellery gifts purchased for Christenings, Naming Days, Baptisms, birthdays and Christmas.

More next time, about what kids like.

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