Baby and Children's Screw Back Earrings


Requirements for earrings for first time earrings wearers:  they must be hypoallergenic, lightweight and comfortable, beautiful, and secure.  

Screw back earrings have been around for many years now and are increasingly popular.  They are available in sterling silver (without nickel) and 14k gold.  Thus far, they are not available in surgical steel.  Baby Jewels does have two Titanium screw back earrings styles but these are still very hard to find.  We will keep trying to expand this category.  

The requirement to be lightweight and comfortable is obvious, but more so for first earrings wearers, who tend to fiddle with their earrings, which can introduce infection in her new piercings.  So, the longer she forgets about them in those initial weeks, the better.  

Being beautiful is important because she will want to love her new earrings.  She has been brave, getting her ears pierced, and she will want to be thrilled with the result!  

With regard to security, thanks to the design of screw back earrings, you won't have to worry about losing an earring.  Putting the backs on squarely, so they don't cross-thread is important, then tighten them firmly so she cannot unscrew them if she fiddles with them.  

Baby Jewels' range of baby and children's screw back earrings is increasing every week.  You are bound to find exactly the pair that suits your little girl.




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