Baby and Children's Sleepers/Sleeper Earrings

Sterling silver childrens sleeper earringsSterling Silver Children's Sleeper EarringsRose gold children's sleeper earrings

Children have been wearing sleeper earrings, (or simply, children's sleepers) for decades.  They remain one of the most comfortable, lightweight styles of childrens earrings available.  No sharp points, and so lightweight they can be forgotten, which helps with the fiddly fingers of those with newly pierced ears!  

Today, we have a huge range from which to choose.  Embellished sleepers are now very popular.  Embellished with what?  Well, tiny butterflies, flowers, ladybugs, crystals, pearls, dragonflies, you name it!  You can now purchase kids sleeper earrings with all these tiny dangles, which kids love so much.  

Baby Jewels has a huge range in sizes to suit babies, small children, and older girls who want to "set and forget."  Check out both the baby earrings and children's earrings categories.  

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