Baby Bangle or Baby Bracelet?

The most popular choice for an item of baby jewellery has always been the bracelet. But that is gradually changing. So which is better? Which is safer? Which is better value? There are many answers to these questions, and often it will depend on the actual item. Baby bangles are safer, if you choose one without a charm, because charms can break off. Bangles are safer if they fit perfectly (and are adjustable for growth) because they are unlikely to get caught on anything. Baby Bracelets are lighter and, provided the fit is perfect, they are possibly more comfortable, though the new expander baby bangles are very lightweight. Bracelets with charms must be worn under supervision. Babies can be surprisingly strong and might manage to break a charm off a bracelet. Sterling silver and gold are not tough metals. Better value? Well, both are costed according to the weight of the precious metals used in the item. Bangles generally contain more of the metal so are generally slightly more expensive. Bangles seem to be more popular at the moment which is creating a "trend." So if you want to go with the trend, a bangle would be the choice. Bracelets are available in a far wider choice of design, and many are hard to pass up. They are so pretty. I always think baby jewellery designers are very clever with the designs they constantly create.
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