Baby Bangles are the safest Baby Jewellery

We've always maintained that baby jewellery should be worn under adult supervision. All types are safe if baby is in the care of an adult whilst wearing it. It's great for every day wear but we ask that her little baby bracelet, necklace or anklet, be removed when she's put down to sleep. Baby bangles are slightly different. Provided there's nothing attached to it, such as a safety chain or a charm, there are no parts of a bangle that she can break off and swallow. So babies given a bangle at birth, don't require having it removed each sleep-time. Keep it fitted correctly, adjusting or expanding it as she grows and she will be safe. Remove it only when it has expanded to its limit and is getting tight. This makes baby bangles the perfect newborn gift because she will get more wear from it than any other type of jewellery.
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