Baby Bracelets and Baby Anklets

Baby Bracelets starting life as baby anklets


Very often people purchase a larger size baby bracelet than Newborn in the hope the baby girl can get longer wear from her new jewellery.  This is such a great idea because, even though she may not be able to wear her new bracelet, she can wear it initially, as a baby anklet.  A baby's ankle is larger than her wrist, so until she grows a little, we think its a great idea for her to wear her bracelet as an anklet.


Baby Jewels has a range of baby bracelets which we advertise as anklets, to become bracelets!  This ensures a much longer wear, often for over 2 years.  This makes great sense!


Check out our range of baby bracelets/anklets and let them do double duty for the little girl in your life.  

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