Choosing a Baby Bracelet or a Bracelet for a Child



The gleam of pearls, the shine of polished sterling silver or gold, the sparkle of crystals, all look beautiful on the perfect skin of a baby or child.  Baby bracelets are generally considered keepsake gifts, so when choosing a baby bracelet, consider that this gift may one day, find itself on the wrist of your recipient's own baby.  Over the years, only a quick buff up with a jewellery cloth is all that's required, though we recommend packing in an airtight ziplock bag for the long term.  This keeps out humidity, particularly important for sterling silver jewellery, and stops them from becoming scratched.

Children's bracelets are commonly given for birthdays and Christmas gifts.  They too, can be a keepsake gift, or they can also be for fun. Children love fun designs of bracelets, with flowers, suns, butterflies, hearts, etc.

For age sizing, please refer to our previous blog post on sizing but please bear in mind, this can be a guide only because children's wrist sizes vary greatly from baby to baby, child to child.  

Currently, the price of gold has risen to an all time high.  In the 12 years we've been in business, we've watched the price rise but never quite like it has in recent years.  We believe gold baby or children's bracelets are actually also a great first investment for your recipient.  

Visit our bracelets and bangles category for a wide range of designs which include gold, sterling silver, pearls, crystals, surgical steel for sensitive skin, and even leather!





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