Baby Brooches?

At Baby Jewels, we only have one baby brooch and two pins on our website.  My thoughts have been that baby brooches are no longer worn.  However, I have been asked personally many times for a baby brooch and the baby brooches page gets an extraordinarily high number of hits. 


The one baby brooch we have, I had made especially for Baby Jewels.  It’s a great quality, sterling silver safety pin style brooch.  It’s a quirky item which I understand would not suit everybody.  It features a duck encrusted with cz diamonds, creating a wave along the “safety pin.”  The bottom bar has a rocking horse charm dangling. 


One style I have been asked for is a gold bar with engraving around the outside, a pin at the back and a safety chain - and the bar is engravable.   This style has been available since the turn of the last century and still appears to be popular, given the number of queries I’ve had.  They are quite expensive to purchase and it’s necessary to purchase quite a large number, which has put me off doing so until now.


So I am still looking.  Given the apparent popularity of baby brooches, I’m interested in comments about what type of baby brooch you’d like.  You are welcome to contact me via our email address: or make comment here. 


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