Baby & Children's Jewellery


In generations gone by, we rarely saw a baby or little girl wearing jewelry.  When we did, it was often a solid gold baby brooch pinned to a newborn's matinee jacket.  Occasionally we'd see a tiny, gold bracelet on a baby girl, which she wore on special family occasions. It was remembered always because she wore her jewelry in family photos and portraits and the item was always kept for future generations.


Much has changed over the last few generations.  The price of gold has become out of reach of many families but at the same time, sterling silver has become very fashionable and thousands of gorgeous styles of children's jewelry are now available at affordable prices.  Baby jewelry and children's jewelry is available both instore and online with a wide variety of baby bracelets, baby earrings, necklaces, anklets, and of course, ever-popular brooches.  Children's jewelry has come into its own with a stunning variety of children's bracelets and children's earrings being extremely popular.  Also readily available are necklaces, anklets, toe-rings and rings all in a wide range of styles.


If you visit markets, you will find stalls adorned with trinkets just for fun, for babies and little girls.  The industry has grown rapidly in the last decade.  
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