Baby Jewellery and Children's Jewellery


The reasons people purchase baby jewellery and children's jewellery are many and varied.  Usually it's for a special occasion for example a baby Christening gift, a newborn baby gift, a first birthday gift, a first Christmas gift, for example. 

But people also purchase certain types of baby and children's jewelery as keepsake items.  Something special for the child to treasure her whole life.  Most often these are baby bangles, children's bracelets, baby brooches, or any jewellery item in gold, especially the 14k gold children's earrings with screw backs. These items are also given on special occasions like her Christening or birthday, and they are intended to be worn as long as possible, but then kept safely to be given back to her when she's an adult, perhaps for her own baby daughter.  Generally they have traditional, classic styling, which never goes out of style.  

Some items are purchased for the fun of it and these are most often the quirky children's earrings which kids love, the fun kids' bracelets like the ID bracelet with a teddy bear clambering on the ID plate.  We also have a huge range of fun and quirky pendant necklaces which are available on chains to suit all ages from babies to teens.  

Sometimes a mother owned a piece of children's jewellery as a child which she loved but no longer has.  The sentimentality of a certain style drives a desire to find a similar item for their own daughter.  Our blue bird items, which are hard to find, fit this bill.  We often have mothers saying the bracelet they are buying is exactly like the one they wore as a child.  

Then there are the gifts for flower girls and bridesmaids.  We keep a special range of beautiful bracelets, necklaces and earrings for flower girl and bridesmaid gifts.  Pearls are very popular for weddings and are easy to match up with the Bride's jewelery.  

Whatever the reason for your children's jewellery purchase, we have around 800 items from which to choose that most special of gifts.  



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