Baby Jewellery Given as Keepsakes

Is sentimentality dead in Australia? No, not from our experience. When people email us a question, many are looking for a baby jewellery item which they hope will eventually become a family heirloom. Something special that will be well worn and well loved (and adjustable for growth!) then placed in a safe place with other family treasures, for the baby to grow to adulthood. Then, at that time, she will take possession of the jewelry item again, perhaps for her own children. Baby earrings, baby bracelets and baby necklaces in particular, are bought with “keepsake” in mind. What makes a family keepsake then? Definitely something seen as precious and baby jewellery most definitely ticks that box. Something she'll want to have as an adult? Something that's a reminder of how tiny she was and how beautiful she must have looked wearing her keepsake item. Something she can show to others when she's grown up that will have the "oooh! aahhhh!" factor! At no other time in her life, will she receive more precious items than in babyhood. Some mothers kick themselves years later, for not keeping that precious item so that she can hand it back to her daughter on the day she, too, becomes a mother. So don't make that mistake!
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