Baby Jewellery in Photography

Recently you may have noticed that black and white photography has made a come-back.  Wedding photos, family portraits and baby portraits are now often seen in black and white.

I think it has its place but I'm unsure that all occasions look better in black and white however there is one idea being used by local photographers who specialise in baby portraiture that I really love.

They set baby on a very plain background, lying on a fur rug, or in a cushioned basket or some other situation, bare of all clothing except a colourful bracelet.  The photo is developed in black and white but the bracelet is kept in full colour.

We have loads of baby bracelets perfect for this situation.  Our little Millefiori colourful baby bracelets are the first ones that come to mind, in oranges, blues, yellows and reds.  We also have little charm bracelets with pink and blue and yellow enamelled charms (bears and flowers.)  A quick look through the baby bracelets category will show up a variety of colourful bracelets perfect for this type of portraiture.

The same style is often seen with baby wearing just a bow in her hair, or a knitted hat or a single pink bootee.  

Other types of baby jewellery would do the trick but I think the bracelet is perfect.

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