Baby Jewelry

Let everyone know how special your bundle of joy is with a piece of gorgeous jewelry that will reflect both your and her personalities.  Is there a Big Sister in the family?  Don't leave her out, let her feel the joy of this special time, with a child-sized bracelet, anklet or earrings that she will love.  This piece of jewelry will always carry the fond memory of the time she became a Big Sister!

Jewelry has always been popular, including children's and baby's jewellery.  Some cultures still adorn their infants in various  Jewelry such as charms, to ward away evil. In recent times more and more babies are having their ears pierced at a very young age, e.g. three months old.  Mothers enjoy selecting the tiniest of studs in gold, silver, a sparkling precious or semi-precious jewel, or even colourful, enamelled baby earrings in the shape of lady-bugs, butterflies, bears and other animals, stars, moons and sun-shapes.  The range of baby earrings and children's earrings is vast.

Often baby's first earrings, baby's first bracelet, anklet, toe-ring or brooch is preserved as a family heirloom.  A first diamond for example in an earring, is likely to be passed on through the family's daughters then kept for the first grandaughter.

Baby earrings are an ideal gift from grandparents, aunts and family friends. Once in place, baby doesn't feel them and doesn't try to remove them as she might a bracelet or necklace.

As babies grow, so does their love of jewelry.  They love to choose their own children's sized bracelets, necklaces, anklets, earrings.  Children at school are nowadays permitted to wear small stud earrings, even when all other jewelry is banned. 

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