Baby's First Jewellery

Mothers have a wide variety of jewellery items to choose from to decorate their newborn baby girl.  How do you choose what type of baby jewellery to buy and what it should be made of, is a decision made more difficult by the size of the range of baby jewellery available. 


Most commonly a bangle or bracelet is chosen.  Baby bangles and Baby bracelets usually have some way to enlarge the item, either as an extension of chain on a bracelet or the ability to widen a bangle, because babies grow so quickly.   solid gold or silver baby bangles are still popular though.  When baby grows out of them, they are kept for them when they become adults.  Bangles can have a hinge to make it easier to put on the baby.  Baby bracelets can be gold or silver, pearl or enamelled metals, most commonly silver.  Often precious gemstones are set into the silver or gold to make an elegant baby bracelet.  Colourful or subdued, bracelets look beautiful on the chubby wrist of a baby so it is not surprising that bangles and bracelets are most popular. 


Increasingly, babies are having their ears pierced at a very young age, often before 3 months.  This has led to a surge of popularity for very tiny baby earrings.  Again, these can be gold or silver, pearl or crystal.  The gleam of a tiny precious gem on the earlobe of a baby has led to retail outlets, commonly hairdressers, to advertise the piercing of a new baby’s ears. 


Baby anklets are also popular, especially the Cambodian jingle bells anklet which is a silver chain with tiny silver bells attached, thought to ward off evil spirits and allow the baby’s mother to hear if the baby crawls away from her vicinity.  Gold anklets are also very popular, as are anklets with dangling charms of any kind. 


Baby necklaces must be worn with supervision.  There are even baby rings available.  The baby brooch is an all-time favourite and comes in gold and silver. 

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