Bangle sizes for Babies and Children

Having dealt with baby bracelet sizes, today we're going to talk about sizes of bangles for your baby or little girl. Babies vary in size enormously so it's always best to measure her wrist if at all possible, though I know it isn't always possible, especially if the bangle is to be a surprise gift. The smallest bangle we have in our online shop is 4cm. This will fit a baby as early as a couple of weeks if she had a high birth weight. Some babies, it may not fit until 4 or 5 months. When I say "fit" I mean where there is room for it to move comfortably on her wrist, but not so big that it will "sag" on her arm and catch on objects. The baby bangle is the safest baby jewellery because there are no pieces to break off but if the bangle is too big, she could get it hooked up on something. The new self-adjusting bangles are a great idea as they always look good as she grows. They simply adjust with growth. Others need to be adjusted when they start to get tight. Something to bear in mind when buying a baby bangle. If you're buying it to fit a baby of 6 months and want it to last at least a year or two, start with a bangle 4.3 or 4.4 cm across (diameter) with expansion of at least a cm. For a one year old baby, look for a bangle that is 4.8 (or 5cm if she's big for her age) with expansion of another cm. Most adjustable bangles can be worn for at least 18 months. As they get older the bangles that fit can be adjusted to last 2 - 5 years. This makes a great value gift, when she can wear it for so long. For older girls, that is, over 6, look for what's known as a "Maid's" bangle. These are generally 5.5 - 6cm diameter and adjust up to 7cm. This bangle will carry her through until her teens because there's a greater adjustment area on a larger bangle plus their rapid growth has slowed by this age and her wrist won't change in size nearly as much as it does from newborn to age 2, for example.
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