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Beautiful New 14k Gold Children's Screw Back Earrings

Beautiful New 14k Gold Children's Screw Back Earrings

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Heart on Heart Children's Screw Back Earrings


Stunning new screw back earrings have arrived in our 14k gold category.  Petite, pretty, lightweight and comfortable, these hearts, which sit flat on the ear, feature a heart shaped cz and a smaller, round cz, for sparkle and ultimate cuteness.  These are earrings she will adore.  Baby Jewels has increased its baby and children's gold screw back earrings collection and hope you love these new arrivals, for keepsake earrings she will treasure forever.  Once outgrown (after many years,) they can be stored in a small ziplock plastic bag in a safe place where they'll take up very little room until she grows up.  Keepsake jewellery is popular now because it provides precious sentimental value in the long term, especially from childhood.

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