Bells are Popular!

Bells? You may well ask. We're talking about tiny bells on baby bracelets, baby bangles and baby and children's anklets. We currently have them in stock and they are hugely popular! Initially I ordered baby and children's jewellery which had jingling bells which were quite loud and, I felt, annoying, after a time. I sent them back. On little kids, whether it's on their wrists or ankles, they move all the time, therefore, jingle all the time. Nope! We want tinkling bells, not jingling bells. We've now got a selection of jewellery with bells! Nice, tinkling bells. Check out bracelets, bangles and both baby and children's anklets categories. Very cute and sweet. The anklets are traditional Cambodian Jingle Bells Anklets, the only difference is we had our sterling silver anklets polished. The Cambodians have unpolished silver. These ankets are worn by babies so that families can keep track of their babies during their early mobility years. They've been a very popular addition to our site.
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