Big Sis, Lil Sis Children's Gifts

The latest addition to our range is our beautiful little pearl baby bracelets with sterling silver heart charm stamped with the words "Lil Sis." We've had our pearl "Big Sis" children's bracelets for a while now and have been asked about a Lil Sis bracelet for the new baby so that the new siblings can have a matching bracelet each. Yesterday they arrived and they are so beautiful. It's always a thrill to receive such gorgeous things in the mail! I think it's a great idea when a new baby arrives, for her older sister (or brother) to also be given a gift by visitors. We did it with ours - we specifically asked that a fuss be made of the new Big Sis before paying attention to the baby - and it worked for us. There was no jealousy. All our friends cooperated and our elder daughter received some nice little gifts that made her feel special that she had a new Lil Sis! So visit our baby bracelets category and look for the new Lil Sis bracelets and the not so new Big Sis bracelets. Together, they make a beautiful gift for the baby and her sister and Mum will thank you for it!
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