Big Year So Far for Baby Jewels

We are into our third year of retailing baby and children's jewellery online and it is looking like being our best.  We've added a lot of new lines to our range with plans for even more.  We're getting our sales in the post 98% of the time, on the same day of purchase and we are currently organising new jewellery pouches to be made in white velvet with our logo silk screened on the front.  These will make a nicer gift and will be sturdy enough for a little girl's jewellery to be kept safely in the pouch until she needs a jewellery box of her own.

Our children's earrings category has grown by over a dozen styles since our third year began.  But our baby bracelets category has grown the most, with nearly 2 dozen new styles, not to mention lots of new children's bracelets now on site.

Our children's necklaces category has also grown, with 6 new necklaces in the last 3 months.  

And our baby and children's anklet category has also grown, though some styles have sold out (but will be restocked asap.)

GFC notwithstanding, it's clear that, like me, other people adore baby and children's jewellery, that it makes a superb and much loved gift for any little girl (or boy) and makes the recipient feel more special than just about any other type of gift.  

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