Cambodian Jingle Bells baby and children's Anklets now arrived

Straight from the traditional source, our Cambodian jingle bells baby and children's anklets have arrived.  I spent the morning trying them on my neighbour's baby and pre-schooler.  We all fell in love with them.

In case you haven't heard the story about these anklets, they are traditionally worn by babies and small children in Cambodian villages.  Often the villages are on the sides of mountains and mothers felt a need to know where their crawling or toddling babies were at all times.  These tinkling anklets are their little safety devices.

Baby anklets of any kind look adorable on a chubby ankle, but these, with their tiny, softly tinkling bells, are just beautiful.  The children's size looks nice loose, draped over the top of the child's foot.

What I really like about these traditional ones is, the tinkling isn't annoying like others I've seen.  The sterling silver bells are made not to irritate, so that baby can move without a loud jingling constantly.  The sound is quite soft, and pleasant to the ear.  

These baby anklets and children's anklets (we have them in both sizes) are now among my most favourite of the baby jewellery and children's jewellery we have.  

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