Care of Baby and Childrens Jewellery

I am often asked about the best means to keep a piece of children's jewellery in good condition.  From my reading, it appears that wearing it helps to avoid tarnish better than storing it.  If storing, place the item in a tiny press-to-seal plastic bag, after squeezing the air out of it first.

If your little baby bangle or children's bracelet starts to lose its shine, pay a visit to your local jewellery store and buy a small jeweller's cloth.  A quick rub with the cloth and the item will come up like new and one look at the cloth, and you'll be amazed at how much tarnish was removed.  

It's a great idea to buy your little girl a jewellery box or a treasure box, especially one which has hanging hooks for little children's necklaces.  This keeps the chains from tangling, which, especially in the case of very fine children's chains, can be very hard to untangle.  

Separate slots for children's earrings is another good idea.  Put the backs onto the rod before putting away, that way they are all there when you next want them and they're ready to put on.  

I am also often asked if baby jewellery should be removed before bathtime.  In my experience, baby soap does not cause any dullness, discolouring or tarnishing.  However, for ease of washing your baby, it's probably best to remove her jewellery first.  

And always, remove her necklaces, bracelets and anklets before putting her down to sleep.

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