Charms for Baby Bracelets

We have an extensive charm category and many that are suitable to embellish a little baby bracelet. I've been looking at photographing some little baby and children's bracelets, with charms attached to give customers an idea of ways they can enhance their little gift and perhaps, even personalise it. For example, we have tiny pearl bracelets for newborns - age 1. These look gorgeous with a charm attached, however, given the size, the charm must be petite or it will overwhelm the little baby bracelet. One of my favourite charms for embellishing bracelets is the pearl with red enamel heart attached. The red heart is very tiny, and looks gorgeous perched on the creamy white pearl. It's also a favourite with customers. It looks particularly nice attached to a sterling silver bracelet, one with links wide enough that a charm with lobster claw, can be attached. So, it's raining cats and dogs here today and I think that doing some photographs might be a good way to spend the day. I have before me the most gorgeous collectionn of sterling silver baby bracelets, pearl bracelets and pearl and silver charms. See what I can come up with!
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