Cheap Metal Children's Jewellery

News again this morning of another load of children's jewellery arriving in Australia, containing lead, nickel and/or cadmium.  

I've seen these items on displays at various department stores in recent years.  They are very cute, very cheap and kids love them.  They are often bought by Nannas who want to put a smile on their grandkids' faces.

But sadly, hidden inside these pretty little children's bracelets (mainly, but also children's necklaces and children's earrings) are metals that can do harm for our under-12s.  

Please beware when buying these items.  It's possible to purchase some cheap children's jewellery that's free of these toxic metals, but if there isn't a sign up saying, "lead, nickel and cadmium free" then please don't touch them.  

Gold and silver don't contain these dangerous metals.  Yes, gold and silver is more expensive, but sterling silver in particular, is still quite reasonably priced.

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