Children's Christmas jewellery

At present, I am being bombarded by suppliers trying to sell me "Christmas jewellery" for Baby Jewels.  What is Christmas jewellery exactly,  you may wonder?!  Mostly, it's alloy Christmas trees on a chain, little children's bracelets with charms in the shape of Christmas trees, gifts, angels, stars etc.  Earrings with nativity scenes, this type of thing.  I'm not keen on any of it.  

But not all of it is tacky.  Some of it is quite nice, and I would consider them as momentos of Christmas.  For example, there are good quality sterling silver or 9ct gold Christmas children's charms, which are well made and up there with the Thomas Sabo style quality jewellery I've seen in the stores.  One manufacturer has tiny baby necklaces with baby Jesus, complete with halo. Some people might appreciate these little items.  Another item I thought a little girl might like is a star necklace and drop earrings set.  They are sterling silver, on a 15" chain and the earrings are very petite.

Would be great to get some feedback about Christmas jewellery while there's still plenty of time to decide! 

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