Children's Earrings

There has been a rapid increase in babies and children getting their ears pierced very early.  I know my own grandchildren have been keen to have their ears pierced and have been told they can have their ears pierced at the age of 5.  Great excitement going on as Miss Four, who is closing in on her fifth birthday, scans the Baby Jewels collection.  Miss Five already sports sterling silver hearts with a clear cz, in a stud earring and they are acceptable for school.  She’s been wearing them for months.  The last ones she also wore for months, they were little red cherry earrings, especially made for little girls, with a short rod.


Some cultures pierce their newborn’s ears in the first month.  From my reading, paediatricians recommend anytime from three months as being safe.  This gives the baby three months to build up their immunity.  For newborns, the tiniest stud type baby earrings are available, some so small they create just a glimmer of colour on baby’s ear lobe.  Gold and silver baby earrings are both popular, but tiny pearl baby earrings are also popular, especially for Christenings and Baptisms.  The tiny pearl baby earrings therefore make a great newborn gift, baby Christening gift or even Baby Shower gift, once it is known the coming baby is a girl.


Some parents prefer screw-backs, others like the tightly fitting silver or gold, that match the baby’s earrings.  Also popular are tiny, soft, silicone backs. 


Older girls have a huge choice of children’s earrings, including some drop earrings (from studs) or older children’s earrings that dangle from a hook, like Mum’s. The silicone backs can be put on the ends of the hooks for added safety, if preferred.  They are skin coloured, and therefore aren’t very visible.


Most popular with girls aged from 4 – 10 are the “critter” range.  Tiny sterling silver turtle earrings which drop from a stud and sterling silver, enamelled elephants.  Blue crystal butterfly earrings that dangle from a hoop, butterflies, dragonflies and ladybugs.  The sterling silver ladybug earrings for children are my biggest seller. 


Girls over 10 – teens have a new selection of grown up earrings, crystal encrusted hearts dropping from a hook, crystal butterflies on a hook etc.  And for all school-aged children, the range of single stones on studs:  garnet cz, amethyst cz, diamond cz, are all popular and permitted at school. 

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