Children's Huggies and Sleepers


All our baby and children's sleepers, hoops and huggies are tested before packing and posting to ensure they close securely.  Please note precious metals are soft, especially the thin rod that goes through the piercing - most especially gold and sterling silver, but also surgical steel - is bendable.  Once bent, it won't fit securely and may need to be corrected.  So careful handling is a must.

Putting sleepers, hoops and huggies on small children and babies is not for the faint hearted.

We suggest opening and closing the earrings in your hand first, if you've never done it before, at least once or twice, to familiarise yourself with how these close.  You should feel a "click." 

With small children and babies, they might be more comfortable and less wriggly if they're lying on their side for putting on her earrings.  This takes a bit of the movement out of the operation, somewhat!

Once correctly in place, these children's earrings are lightweight and comfortable and most kids love them.

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