Children's Hypoallergenic Surgical Steel Earrings

Surgical steel children's earrings

Many parents feel their children have a sensitivity to even sterling silver and gold.  Sometimes, it's a slight infection in newly pierced ears, but other times it can be a genuine hyper-sensitivity.  This is disappointing to a child who's been patiently waiting for her ears to heal so she can wear some of the beautiful children's earrings available.  


But now, there's no need to be disappointed.  Surgical steel, hypoallergenic children's jewellery has arrived and Baby Jewels has oodles of beautiful surgical steel children's earrings from which to choose her dream earrings. 


Some are so highly polished it's impossible to tell them from sterling silver, and some can be coated with gold and rose gold in a process called Ion Plating which is super-durable, unlike conventional gold plating.  The gold plated surgical steel items may, of course cause problems if the child indeed, does  have an allergic reaction to those metals.  In this case, these children should wear only the bare surgical steel earrings.


Currently for genuinely sensitive children, we now have children's earrings, children's huggies, children's necklaces and children's bracelets and even one anklet in surgical steel.


Pop in and do a search for "surgical steel" and choose something she will love!

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