Childrens ID Bracelets

ID Bracelets have been around for generations, and they have maintained their popularity over the years, with new styles appearing on the market all the time.  Often these days, people purchase a little children's charm to clip onto the ID bracelet to dress it up and often the ID plate is enhanced by the addition of some enamelling, a cut-out heart or a tiny cz stone implanted in a corner. 

Personalised children's jewellery, particularly baby jewellery, has been increasingly popular.  For a time, there was an idea that babies and children should not wear their name displayed, for safety reasons, however these days, babies and children are adorned with personalised jewellery showing off their name on their little children's bracelets, necklaces and even anklets.

Children's ID bracelets are another form of personalised jewellery.  There are no rules as to what should be engraved on the ID plate.  Sometimes it's the baby/child's name, sometimes the date of birth, particularly if it's given to a baby or a little girl on her birthday.  Sometimes it's a special message from giver to child, something to be kept as a family keepsake and something special to appear in all her family photos, childhood portraits etc.

These days baby ID bracelets are more likely to be sterling silver than gold. The high cost of gold has seen a  massive trend towards sterling silver.  Sterling silver seems to be popular with all age groups.  

If you purchase a children's or baby ID bracelet, ensure the ID plate is thick enough for engraving.  Also give some thought to what you want to have engraved on it, because some ID plates are tiny.  Others are quite large.  If you want a little message engraved, you should look at the larger ID plates obviously.  Think about a little baby charm or children's charm to attach to it, they really do enhance the look of the ID bracelet.  Of all children's bracelets, charm bracelets are the most popular and there's no reason why you can't have both in the one bracelet!  One last tip:  look for a bracelet with an extension for growth.  This will vastly increase the wearability of the little bracelet.

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