Children's ID Bracelets as Personalised Jewellery

ID of course, means Identification.  ID bracelets are a popular means of identifying a medical condition of a child in the event of an accident or illness.  These bracelets are also known as medical alert bracelets.  But children's ID bracelets are more commonly given with an inscription of love on the ID plate, rather than a medical condition. 

Some people like to inscribe the birthdate of the child, others a message from the giver.   These inscriptions personalise the bracelet for the child and create more sentimental value.  Personalised jewellery for children is very popular currently.  

Other types of children's jewellery for example, children's bangles or children's necklaces, or baby bracelets which have a disc charm attached, can all be personalised with an inscription.  Bangles generally have a flat area inside which can be engraved, and the back of a pendant or flat disc charm on a bracelet, can also be engraved.  

ID bracelets for children have been popular for generations but never more so than now, with this popularity for personalisation. Something to think about if you're considering jewellery for your little girl's birthday gift.

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